Becoming a Soul Searching Travelista

 Honestly, I have always been an overachiever. It is not enough to travel, I have to be a jetsetter.  It is not enough to live, I must live my best life *cues Lil’ Duval*. Traveling has been in my blood since birth. Seriously, my mother and father had me across the Mexican border before I could walk. I travel so much that my friends and family call me a “travel guru” and ask me a lot of questions. One day I decided to share my experiences with a wider audience and took to YouTube  to do just that.

In my mid-20s I began to turn my attention to figuring out how I could be more whole and build the kind of life that was filled with beauty and joy. I was stressed the hell out and making myself sick. I was also navigating how my faith lent (or didn’t) to the kind woman I wanted to be. So, of course, I decided to share that journey as well because I couldn’t have been the only one trying to figure this thing out.

I have always defined myself as a nerd and a creative. Right now, I am a full time PhD student which means I get paid to read, write, and think. This also means I have a more flexible schedule to travel. I was bit by the travel bug almost nine years ago now and have traveled to 32 countries with little to no plans of stopping. Sharde’ Searches is an ode to traveling smarter, packing lighter, and searching deeper. So join me, let me show you what I’ve learned about traveling and living life.


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