Semi-Solo in Mombasa

Mombasa, Kenya

There are some places that you travel to that just feel right. They feel like home. For the last week, I had been admittedly tripping out about leaving. I was feeling more anxiety about going to Kenya than I had felt about going abroad in a while Don’t get me wrong I was really excited about going back to the Motherland, but also feeling a lot of anxiety as my flight drew nearer.
I decided to go to Mombasa on an impulse. The cheapest ticket for me to get to Nairobi left Tuesday, landing a day before I needed to be there. My travel day was going to be full as I had to finish packing, go to school, and tie up my loose ends before going to the airport. There would be no time to mentally prepare this introvert for being around new people for a week.


What better way to get a recharge than to go to the beach? So I did. Despite the fact that I have traveled alone, the thought of going to Kenya on my own and navigating my way to and from Mombasa scared me. However, there was something calling me, so I answered.
When I landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport it was 2:15 am on a Thursday. I left Tuesday night and probably got a total of about 5 hours of sleep between my flights. I was quite exhausted, but my flight to Mombasa did not leave until 6:30 that morning. I did not have any challenges getting through immigration however, there was no real rhyme or reason to the lines. I sat at the check-in area of the domestic departure terminal for about two hours, which was not too bad because I was able to speak to my loved ones and I read until the check-in counters opened but exhaustion and back pain was strong within me.

I arrived at Bahari Beach Resort at about 9:30-10:00am. The young lady at the front desk was kind enough give me a room to rest in until my room was ready. I was able to take a much-needed shower and to take a nap. It was all the way glorious. At around 3, someone knocked on my door to let me know they were moving me. I was a little put out because I had unpacked a little, and ended up misplacing my sunglasses (total bummer). However, the room I was moved to had the most breathtaking ocean view. I could hear the ocean all night. I can’t tell you how peaceful and healing that was. It was glorious.
Bahari Beach resort offers meal options for $10-20 dollars more. I paid a total about $20 extra onto my room for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. There is also a full-service bar, which I did not take advantage of. The meals were served buffet style and cooked to order with salad and fruit bar. There were tasty regional dishes and the seafood was delicious. Paying the extra money proved to be the best choice with me being in Mombasa less than 24 hours.

The hotel has kayaks available for rent, a pool, gardens, and really idyllic spots to chill or create content. I had the opportunity to speak with the owner who was a German woman married to a Kenyan man. She was gracious and hospitable. I definitely think that Bahari Beach is a steal of a resort if you’re going to Mombasa and want a quiet clean stay that is steps from the beach.

Sharde’ Searches Rating: 5 worlds.

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