Eating Vegetarian in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

Bring vegetarian when you are traveling can be a total mixed bag, especially if you are in a city whose cuisine is largely meat and starches based. However, never fear! I have offered up 3 restaurants that offer vegetarian (and vegan) options.

Time Out Market

Veg Eats-3This one is touristy, to be sure. Time Out Market was on my list of places to check out, but I stumbled upon it on my first day walking around Lisbon. I started the morning just wandering around past Pink Street and found myself on the lake. Time Out is literally around the corn I like it because Time Out Market has two sides: a food hall and a market with fresh produce and meats. This is an excellent option for vegetarians because there are so many food choices. It is a bit difficult to not find something to eat. Some places offer vegetarian options like soups and sandwiches. Because it is a food hall, you have a range of prices, which means that you are more likely to find something that fits in your budget.

While there I had a hot chocolate with an order of pastele de Nata which only ran me about 6-7and was delicious. Definitely, a must-have.

Pastel de nata

Jardim de Sentidos

Funny story: I was browsing Air Bnb experiences and came upon a reiki session and massage package which was super clutch since I had been walking miles and miles the day before. My experience was behind Indian-fusion vegetarian restaurant Jardim de Sentidos, and after my session, I got dinner. They had a variety of dishes that were vegetarian and vegan and Ayurvedic influenced. More or less, it was a bunch of wellness on a plate.

The whole restaurant space was very much a vibe with low light and earthy yellow walls, and the waiters also spoke English. I had the Seitan Parmegiana and a slice of the raw cacao and avocado cake. Both very much enjoyed. The prices were really good with the entrees only running between 9-13. If it were not such a long downstairs walk, I would have eaten there again.

Dear Breakfast

Like a good black millennial auntie, I love brunch. Pancakes and mimosas are a gift from above. I decided to look up various breakfast spots to find one that was decently priced. Enter Dear Breakfast. When I looked at the website, not only were the prices reasonable but it looked cute, and hipster with it’s pink and white decor.

Veg Eats-8
And the staff was cute. 

I got up that early in the morning and ventured to Pink street to get my pictures for the blog and the ‘gram. Dear Breakfast happened to be between Pink Street and Pricipe Real where I was staying. During the weekend the brunch runs 18.50€ and includes toast; a croissant; Bloody Mary, mimosa, or Sumo de Laranja with 2 refills; and your choice of eggs or pancakes.

Veg Eats-6
Had to earn my breakfast

They carry an assortment of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options like quinoa bowls açaí bowls, and freshly made smoothies. I ordered the Full Breakfast, which included eggs, fruit salad (cut to order), toast, croissant, eggs, and coffee or tea. It was delicious

and filling. The total was 14€.

Dear Breakfast is pretty popular. I went at 9:30 a.m. on a weekday, and it was packed, and people wait for a table. It was super cute, though!

Are there any vegetarian-friendly restaurants that I missed?

Love and Light,


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