Rabbit Hole Prompts

Hello Lovelies. This is a resource for you to get started with your Rabbit Hole! If you don’t know what that is, let me direct you to my YouTube video where I talk about my approach to journaling HERE. 

  1. What have I lost lately?
  2. What do I struggle with? How do I think I could combat this?
  3. What would a space (room) of my own look like?
  4. Who am I?
  5. What do I want?
  6. What lies am I telling myself? What are my truths?
  7. Who are my heroes and why?
  8. What have I taken on?
  9. What am I responsible for?
  10. What am I afraid of? (Write down a solution for each fear)
  11. Draw a mural of things that represent me.
  12. What are things that I love (to do)?
  13. How do I make what I love my career?
  14. What does it look like to love myself?
  15. What are my distractions?
  16. Keep track of your daily small victories for a week.
  17. List your support community and then your inner circle (the people who you can deeply confide in).
  18. What are my detailed goals?
  19. Make a list of things that you love about yourself
  20. List all of your accomplishments (large and small).
  21. Write down 100 things that you like, love, and are interested in.
  22. What is on my living list?
  23. What places do I want to see? (Be specific
  24. What does my perfect day look like from beginning to end?
  25. What are 10 things that can pick me up when I am down?

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I'm Sharde', I'm Doctor living in Houston! I'm a nerdy jetsetter, Master Packer and personal growth enthusiast. I share my tips, tricks, and soul searching adventures here and on my YouTube channel. I enjoy reading, photography, writing short stories, hanging out at the beach, skin care, and discovering new coffee shops. These days you can usually find me creating new photography projects, shooting with my camera, or planning my next adventure.

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