Surviving HBCU Homecoming

Prarie View, TX.

Let me start by saying that I have not attended an HBCU (Historically Black College or University) at any point in my collegiate career. I’m on my fourth degree from a predominantly white institution (PWI). However, I have been attending HBCU homecomings for years because I am in a historically black sorority. Let me tell you, it has always been an experience. Every year black folks everywhere prepare to defend on various HBCUs to reunion ate and bask in the glory of the return to their various educational meccas. It truly is a beautiful and raggedy-daggedy experience. Of course I wouldn’t leave you without a vlog about it! As a PWI product and introvert, I am intentional about preparing for homecoming weekend. So allow me to offer you my tips to gird your loins for HBCU homecoming.

1.) Water, Water, Water- You need to hydrate. Many people go to homecoming knowing that that they will consume and inordinate about of liquor but do not drink enough water. It helps. I promise it does. Love your liver. Don’t be that person.

I know, it doesn’t look like we’re hydrating. Trust me, we were.

2.) Wear comfy shoes- In my opinion you can be cute, while still being practical. When I go to PV homecoming I usually where my favorite kind of stylish but insanely comfy sneakers. 

Don’t they look comfy? Be like them.

3.) Make sure you eat- This goes with hydrating. Make sure you are consuming something to help soak up all of that liquor. Plus the days are long and you need fuel to keep it pushing

4.) Pack a kit of essentials kit- Don’t take for granted that preparedness is next to godliness. When you’re faced with long days, dietary restrictions, long lines, and port-a-potties, your best bet is to think ahead. I stay with a snack since I’m mostly vegetarian (on my good days).

– Baby Wipes

– Hand Sanitizer 

– Water bottle

– Mints

– Perfum

– Snacks

– Extra layer for a temperature drop

The homecoming kit. Peep the snacks.

5.) Go with a good crew. To maximize your fun, you should always attend homecoming with the homies. The best part of an event of this size is the potential for epic memories and stories. You also want to be sure that you are with people that you do not mind hanging out with for extended time and who you can easily chat with when you inevitably run up on people that one person knows and the others don’t. 

Be safe out there and enjoy your homecoming season!


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