Goals for 2019

Happy New Year family! I do hope that you enjoyed your NYE and you’re feeling good about the possibilities that 2019 are offering. I’m not a big fan of resolutions but I do always think about the things that I would like to accomplish in a year.  When I think about 2019, my theme is to master what I have and to do a few things that scare me. My list is pretty long but I wanted to share a few things on it.

1.) Grow my platforms- I guess this is a year-to-year given but in 2018 I feel like I’ve done a bit of the groundwork to really grow more. I think it’l be a good year for growing.

2.) Do a boudoir shoot- This is something that terrifies me because I am suuuppeerr self-conscious. I plan on letting one of my photographer friends do my pictures and I’m going to try and channel something other than awkward.

3.) Master my photo and video style- I built a photo and video  kit that I am comfortable with (and even excited about). Now I’m starting to put the time into learning how to get the most out of them. In 2019, I plan to do more of this until I can work the most efficiently and easily. 

4.) Go skydiving- I have wanted to do this but I have just not carved out the time or the money for it. This year I am going to take the leap (no pun, lol).

5.) Streamline my content production- I guess this is similar to mastering my equipment. I want to be more efficient because time is not something I always have a lot of but I still need to get things accomplished. 

6.) Host more wellness retreats- This is a slow process but it is something that I really enjoy. This year more of those. Maybe with you 🙂 

7.) Come up with a health regimen that I can keep up- Y’all pray for me on this. I did the ketogenic diet successfully this year and I liked it but it also meant that I ate meat (well chicken) again. It was really hard to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle on keto while also not cooking frequently. I do want to go back to being vegetarian with the occasional seafood. 

8.) Minimize my things- I don’t claim to be a minimalist but I have felt super incumbered by things and I feel cluttered mentally because of it. So I do want to go more minimal with my belongings, my wardrobe, and get more organized. 

9.) Increase my work as a writer- I love to write. It is part of the reason I started the blog. I also have to write for a living. Last year I made a commitment to doing more recreational writing so that I would not lose energy to finish my dissertation. It has helped and I’ve been publishing on blogs and completing short stories (2 this year!). It has ignited a fire for me to keep going, eventually publishing bigger project.

What are your goals for 2019? Please share.

Love and Light.


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I'm Sharde', I'm Doctor living in Houston! I'm a nerdy jetsetter, Master Packer and personal growth enthusiast. I share my tips, tricks, and soul searching adventures here and on my YouTube channel. I enjoy reading, photography, writing short stories, hanging out at the beach, skin care, and discovering new coffee shops. These days you can usually find me creating new photography projects, shooting with my camera, or planning my next adventure.

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