Snap 151 Review

It started with an Instagram post from one of my fellow Texas bloggers, Kandiewanderlust, who mentioned the opening of a pop up studio in Fort Worth. It was super cute looking and totally set my photographer heart into excited palpitations.

Snap 151 is perfect for dragging your friends for photography practice


Snap 151 is running through the month of January and located in the Westbend Shopping center between DryBar and Bonobos.

Luckily I had the company of some of the friends. 

I was set to take the trip by myself from Houston but my two sister friends and I ended up making a little overnight recharge out of it. 


snap-4So, if you’re wandering what a pop-uo studio is, picture a store front with multiple back drops that you can take pictures with.

As a content creator this is a dope prospect because you can potentially batch instagram content. There were eight backdrops of various kinds with neon lights, props, and even cotton candy.


For about $16 plus fees you can go in to the studio for a 30-minute time block and snap away. It was very cute. I saw other photographers like myself, teen besties, and folks with just their phones taking selfies and cloned pictures. We ended up getting lost on the way from North Dallas where we were staying to Fort Worth, making us late for our 1:00 appointment. The creators were super kind and patient with us and let us go in and have our appointment. 

 One of the creators, Dawn, even mentioned that they were looking into other venues and cities to do their pop up studios. I’m on the look out for the next pop-up, especially if they end up in H-town. I think this is a create and fun outing with friends, and a dope little investment if you are a content creator of some sort and need photos for your IG or blog. Check Snap 151 on Instagram at snap151. snap-6

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