How I survive flying Spirit Airlines

I fly Spirit Airlines a lot. Like, A LOT. There is something very seductive about getting a non-stop flight to LA or home to Orlando for under $100, especially when you’re on a paltry Ph.D. student living. But a budget has not stopped me from traveling. Unlike many people, I am not bothered by flying Spirit despite the fact that you damn near have to purchase the oxygen that you breathe on your flight. However, I was able to go home for the holidays on a direct flight for $130. Normally my flights home can be $75-$100. Many people said they will NEVER fly Spirit but if you’re will to take the plunge, I have some tips to make the process a little less of a pain in the ass.

Spirit Flights-4
I don’t know why folks sleep on cheap flights?

1.) Bring your own snacks: When you fly Spirit you do not get peanuts and a soda. You have to purchase any and every item that you want to consume at an astronomical upcharge. $4 for a back of M&M’s?? Get out of here! But you can bring dry goods into the airport. Go and pick up a couple of things before you leave and throw them in your bag, which will end up saving you at least 10 bucks.


2.) Carry a water bottle: This is major for me as a person that drinks a lot of water. If you bring an empty water bottle, most airports have water fountains so you can fill up once you’re in the terminal. You can also stop by one of the fast food joints and ask for ice or water for little to no money at all. If you’re not one to drink a lot of water, get the packs of powdered drink. That way you can have a drink of your choice by just adding water.

Spirit Flights-3
Have water, will travel.


3.) Want liquor? Carry it in your toiletry case: Issa liquid, and when you purchase the baby bottles they are under the 3.2 oz TSA regulated limit, so you can put it in your toiletry case and go about your business. Then once you’re on your flight, drink and be merry. You’re welcome.


4.) Entertain yourself: I have found that Spirit flights can be incredibly boring without the extra amenities but you can alleviate that by planning ahead. My flights from Houston to Orlando are a little over two hours. If I don’t doze off I bring books and download a few movies or shows onto my iPad and watch them on the flight. I also have a keyboard attachment on my iPad if I need to do work and don’t bring my laptop. Either way, I’m less annoyed when I have something to focus on.

Spirit Flights
Snacks and light reading means a tamer Sharde’

5.) Fix your perspective: At the end of the day, you do get what you pay for. And in the grand scheme of your travel, you’re not spending a whole lot of time on your flight. Save the money and make the proper preparations. If you go with expectations that it will not be a five-star experience but that you will get to where you want to be cheaply and safely (but not always on time) then you will have more patience for Spirit flights. Save a coint and take yourself to a nice dinner.


Love and Light,


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