But Does it Travel? Because of Them We Can Backpack

I have come to be a lover of backpacks. This is mostly because I do not care much for dragging a suitcase through the airport and two straps are better than one for your back. I’m getting old y’all. The Because of Them We Can backpack is one of my favorite all-around bags. I use this bag for school, road trips, and international travel.
I have had my bag for over two years, and it has been the real MVP as far my get up and go needs. Plus, aesthetically it is a gorgeous bag in all of its blackety black glory.

Spirit Flights-3

Size: and Features:
The BOTWC backpack retails for $60 USD from the BOTWC website and measures about 20x15x10 inches, making it a decent sized bag. BOTWC-2I have used this as a personal item on multiple budget airlines without any issue or questions. Because there are no front pockets, the backpack zips rather flat.
There is two zippered side pocket that is pretty tight. You can easily fit a cell phone, sunglasses, or a small travel tripod. With a bit of stretching, I was able to put my 16 oz double walled water bottle into the side pockets. The inside of the bag a has about 5 pockets including a mesh zippered pocket that is sown to the front flap.
The laptop sleeve is on the outer backside connected by a velcro patch. I think this is an excellent feature because your laptop, tablet, journal, etc. can be more easily accessible when traveling. I found this feature to be most handy when using this as my piece of luggage. This backpack also has a fur-lined pocket for sunglasses, something that I did not know I needed in my life.
It is not weatherproof, and after a couple of years, I am having some issues with my zipper. One direction will split when zipped.

Outer laptop sleeve


Packing the BOTWC bag:
This back has deceptive amounts of room. It does not look overly big, and when it zips up, the front remains flat. The first time that I traveled with this bag, I took it on a solo trip to Europe in 2017. I was able to carry 7-10 days worth of clothing, two extra pairs of shoes (sandals and TOMS), and my vlogging equipment (then it was a travel tripod, Canon G7x, and a GoPro Hero+). I have both folded clothing and used packing bags to separate my clothing. I would suggest doing that to keep things somewhat organized as well as condensing your items. I did a packing tutorial with this bag which you can check out right here

My last trip home packing in the BOTWC backpack


The Verdict: This is a surprisingly roomy backpack in a small form factor. I absolutely love this bag. I used it for travel, school, and as a camera bag. It is quite versatile and has gotten a lot of compliments over the year. I would absolutely purchase this bag again when mine eventually gives up the ghost. This has come the closest to a dream travel bag for me. It is quite sturdy and handles weight well. I’ve experienced no rips or tears, only the minor issue with the zipper which I attribute to normal wear. Check it out on their website: http://tinyurl.com/y5kyglfb My Sharde’ Searches rating for this bag: 5 worlds.


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