HTX Boss Babes Spring Fest

About a couple of weeks or so ago, I attended the spring HTX Boss babes event.


This is the second or so Boss Babes event that I have attended and look forward to them a lot. I even got the man into attending. HTX Boss Babes is founded by Ellyse and Gabby as a way of celebrating girl bosses. What I love is that the showcase mostly women vendors and artist, and of course, I also see plenty of local black women vendors, which is super dope.

You could think of it as a trade show meeting a market, which means that there are samples and freebies, as well as plenty of things to spend your coins on.
The decorations are always bright and whimsical. Very feminine and sort of minimalist in shades of pink and white. There is always a photo backdrop with props that seems to be thematic. IMG_2932This season’s event had a pink wall that said “Make money moves,” a pink ballooned and streamered overhang, and swing situation, and then there was a vendor that had a VW van that had all of the summer beachy road trip vibes.


This season’s event was hosted behind 8th Wonder brewery. There were a couple of food trucks and a vendor selling boozy popsicles, which was a welcome refreshment in the heat. I had the peach and rum popsicle. So good.
I usually do not purchase much but picked up a couple of items from Moon Beam Body Therapy and Kissed By a Bee Apothecary.


I had a chance to speak with fellow Taurus sister, who is the owner and third generation herbalist of Kissed By a Bee. She was all bits of black girl magic and knowledge. I’m looking forward to reviewing her skin products, so stay tuned.

Keep up with HTX Boss Babes on Instagram for their next event and definitely go for a free family (and dog) friendly event to fill an afternoon.

Love and Light,


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