Saving Money as You Travel

Y’all know me, I love to save a coint. Mostly, because I have minimal coints to spend. That Patrick from Spongebob meme? That me. However, my small finances have not really stopped me from traveling, but that is because there are things that I do to cut down my costs as I travel.

1.) Set flight alerts- I check flight prices frequently. Sometimes a few times a week. The easy way to do this is to go to and search for the flight you want. You can set an alert, and the website will email you a few times a week as the flights fluctuate. I would do this at least 4-6 months in advance.
2.) Don’t purchase bags- More airline carriers are beginning to offer basic economy fares. I save money by packing less. I have mastered the art of packing in a personal item. If you can pack minimally, you can make the most of getting the cheap flight.

Spirit Flights-4
One bag shawty

3.) Travel with people- I love traveling alone, but going with others can ease the strain on your pocket. You can split the cost of transportation and accommodations. This is also a great way to have a better hotel or BnB.
4.) Split meals- So I am not a big eater, let’s start there. I also find that entrees can be a lot for me. I even get a bit discouraged when I go out to eat because I know that I’ll pay a bit for an entree and not finish it.

This fed two people. 

You can save money by sharing a meal with someone and then there aren’t leftovers. Another option is to eat family style. Everyone choose something small and just share between you all. This also gives you a chance to try more things while you’re out for less money, which is fun.
5.) Limit drinking out- Buying drinks when you’re out to dinner or going to a club can add up really quickly. I personally do not drink when I am out very much.

Oh hey, happy hour.

If I do, it might only be one drink. If you want to indulge, see if you can buy a bottle to keep at your accommodation.

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