How I Pack Extra Minimally at Home

I love going home; not just because I love my family and being in a familiar space, but when I travel back to Florida, I pack even less. I am already a minimal packer but I look for more ways to not pack a lot when I go home. Here are a few things you can do to lighten your load when you go back home.

1.) Leave things in a drawer: I’m fortunate. My mom has a lot of space at the house. There is a guest room that has a nightstand that does not have much in it. I use one of the drawers and leave a few things in a packing cube that I can rotate into my travel wardrobe or have expressly for home use. Here are something things that I leave at home: socks, plain t-shirts, pajamas, leggings.

This is all I packed on my last trip home

2.) Carry fewer toiletries: The beautiful thing about going home is that, unlike going somewhere new or less familiar is you have access to certain amenities like soap, shampoo, and conditioner, toothpaste, lotion, etc. My mom is also a natural, so she usually has natural friendly products that I can use at the house. That can end up being a significant number of things that you can leave behind. Or you can shop when you get home since you are likely to have more access to a vehicle. Then you can use that space for accumulating things at home!


3.) Wash your clothes: When I go home, for the most part I like to chill out. I’m usually not going out a whole bunch and I am seeing my loved ones. I have a few things already stored at home so I construct a minimal wardrobe of neutrals and a pair of jeans and I mix and match. I also throw my clothing in the wash when mom washes, so my clothing options got farther because I won’t have the “dirty clothes bag.” Washing at home means that I do not have to bring as many clothing items and I got home with clean clothes. #Winning.

What is your favorite part of going back home?

Love and Light,


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